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Question 7: What SPC software should we use?

There are several programs available, and there are great differences between them – greater than what is usually justified. They all use the same formulae for calculating control limits, capability indices, etc., but the manner of presentation differs from one program to another.

SPC is primarily an operator’s tool; it is the operator’s job to measure and control his process, and to interpret the control charts. If the software makes the operator’s job more complicated, it may be very hard to get SPC accepted. Minimum requirements for good software:

• The control chart must be easy to read.
• Adjustments to the process must be easily traceable to the change in question and identifiable on the control chart.
• Every sample group must have its own readily identifiable time log.
• Trends and control rules must be easy to see.

The actual collection of measurements is another aspect. There are programs that automatically select the right article and measurement when the operator starts measuring, and others where the measurements have to be entered via the keyboard.

If you choose NielsenConsulting to help you implement SPC, you can borrow instructive, user-friendly software during the period of tuition.

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