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The purpose of SPC – in plain language is to motivate employees to use statistical process control in the company.

The course resembles a seminar (or pep talk, if you like), combined with active participation, more than a maths class. Its purpose is to help your employees understand what statistical process control is all about. The course focuses on the philosophy behind SPC, and what good it can do in your company’s processes.

In short
NielsenConsulting’s course SPC – in plain language is usually appreciated by all those who are intimidated by statistics and maths. It lasts for four hours and is given in–house. The fee is charged per session instead of per participant, which means a low cost per head.

Educational objective
The objective of SPC – in plain language is for the participants to come away with new eye-opening insights and to arouse their enthusiasm for using SPC. They will understand the meaning of machine and process capability and they will understand the purpose of using SPC.

Customers’ comments:

“An incredibly motivated and enthusiastic instructor – I feel inspired.”

“Instructive presentation; I thought this would be boring…”

“The subject is explained in such an entertaining way that you want to get started now!”

Advantages of Nielsen Consulting’s SPC training

• Short but effective courses (minimum loss of productive working hours).

• The course does not involve mathematics.

• Instructor has used SPC as a former machine operator.

• Client´s own processes are involved into the course.

• Low price per participant.

• Courses can be given whenever it suits the client (even during night shifts).

• Post-course practical tuition – of great value to the company.

• During tuition and when required, the client has access to extremely valuable software at no extra cost.

• Telephone support free of charge.


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